Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Dear Friend,  I am David MacMillan, I’m an MBA, CVA, EA, as well as being a licensed business broker.  With over thirty years experience in small business accounting, tax,  and business valuation.

Meet the Founder Quasar 3 Tax Resolution, Tax Preparation and Resolution

Founded in December of 2004 as an accounting and tax business,  Quasar 3 Tax has evolved into a provider of business valuations as well as accounting and tax services.

Our foundation in finance and tax management allows us to bring uncommon skill sets to issues of valuation, business structure, and tax management.

I have over thirty years experience in founding, operating, and selling small business entities. Arriving in Sacramento in 1976,  I developed a career as a private industry accountant before developing my own accounting and tax practices.

Quasar 3 Tax is committed to bringing qualified people to Business Valuation, Accounting, and Tax management.